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Publisher ISSN (electronic)
Hungarian Geographical Bulletin 2064-5147
Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies (HJEAS)
Hungarian Journal of Industry and Chemistry 0133-0276
Hungarian Journal of Legal Studies 2560-1067
Hungarian Medical Journal 1789-0403
Hungarian Studies Akadmiai Kiad 1588-2772
Hungarian Studies in English
Hungarica Acta Physica
Hünkâr Alevilik Bektaşilik Akademik Araştırmalar Dergisi
Hunter Gatherer Research 1476-4261
Huntington Library Quarterly University of California Press 1544-399X
Huria Journal of the Open University of Tanzania Africa Journals Online 0856-6739
HuSS International Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Sciences 2349-8900
Husserl Studies Springer Netherlands 1572-8501
HVAC&R Research Taylor and Francis Group 1938-5587
Hybrid Materials 2299-3940
Hybrid Methods in Engineering
Hybridoma Mary Ann Liebert
Hybridoma and Hybridomics Mary Ann Liebert
HYBRIDS 1884-1171
Hydration 2060-0593
Hydraulics & Pneumatics 2185-5285
Hydro Nepal Journal of Water Energy and Environment Nepal Journals Online 2392-4101
Hydroamination Hydrophosphination Hydrophosphinylation and Hydrophosphonylation of Carbon—Carbon Double Bonds 2010-0361
Hydroarylation with Imidazoles 2010-0256
Hydrobiologia Springer 1573-5117
Hydrobiological Bulletin 1573-5125
Hydrobiological Journal Begell House Publishing Inc
Hydroboration of C=N Bonds 2020-0110
Hydroboration of Styrenes Using Rhodium–QUINAP 2010-0183
Hydroboration/Amination of Alkenes 2010-0388
Hydrocarbon Migration and its Near-surface Expression
Hydrocarbon Processing
Hydrocyanation of Aldehydes 2050-0556
Hydroécologie Appliquée EDP Sciences 1958-556X
Hydrogels 2353-3943
Hydrogen 2673-4141
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 2353-7388
Hydrogenation of Aromatic Ketones 2020-0013
Hydrogenation of Pent-2-yne with Polymer-Stabilized Metal Colloids 2060-0100
Hydrogéologie appliquée
Hydrogeology Journal Springer 1435-0157
Hydrological Processes John Wiley and Sons 1099-1085
Hydrological Research Letters 1882-3416
Hydrological Sciences Bulletin Taylor and Francis Group
Hydrological Sciences Journal Taylor and Francis Group 2150-3435
Hydrology 2306-5338
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 1607-7938
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions 1812-2116
Hydrology Journal 0975-6914
Hydrology Research IWA Publishing
Hydrometallurgy Elsevier Science
Hydrophosphonylation 2050-0262
Hydrotechnical Construction Springer 1570-1468
Hygeia journal for drugs and medicines 2229-3590
Hygiea Internationalis An Interdisciplinary Journal for the History of Public Health International Network for the History of Public Health 1404-4013
Hyomen Kagaku 1881-4743
Hypatia Indiana University Press 1527-2001
Hyperfine Interactions Springer 1572-9540
Hypersensitivity 2052-594X
Hypertension Lippincott Williams and Wilkins 1524-4563
Hypertension in Pregnancy Informa plc 1525-6065
Hypertension Research Nature Publishing Group 1348-4214
Hypertension Research in Pregnancy 2187-9931
Hypothèses 2101-0269
Hypothesis 1710-3398
Hypoxia 2324-1128
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