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Ultrasound (Maney Publishing)

Publisher: Royal Society of Medicine Press
ISSN: 1742-271X / 1743-1344


Ultrasound is the official journal of the British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS), a multidisciplinary, charitable society comprising radiologists, obstetricians, sonographers, physicists and veterinarians among others. The journal aims to cover all aspects of medical ultrasound from the theoretical through to clinical applications and their impact on both workforce and patients. The journals fulfils both an educational and scientific research role. It publishes a mixture of invited review articles, current research, and descriptions of new techniques and equipment. Our editorial board ensures scientific papers undergo stringent peer review prior to publication and acts to encourage authors to submit their work to the journal. Ultrasound does not confine itself to British views but welcomes authors from the UK and overseas.

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