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Publisher: Taylor and Francis Group
ISSN: 0004-9182 / 1465-3311


Australian Geographer was founded in 1928 and is the nations oldest geographical journal. It is a high standard, refereed general geography journal covering all aspects of the discipline, both human and physical. In 1998, the Australian Geographer expanded to 3 issues per year. This allows the journal both to publish a larger number of submitted papers, and to offer readers a wider range of material. It is hoped, in particular, to carry an expanded coverage of the broader Australia/Asia-Pacific region than in the past. A further development for 1999, is that the journal is available online at no extra cost to subscribers, allowing easier access and rapid searching of content. While papers concerning any aspect of geography are considered for publication, the journal focuses primarily on two areas of research: Australia and its world region, including developments, issues and policies in Australia, the western Pacific, the Indian Ocean, Asia and Antarctica Environmental studies, particularly the biophysical environment and human interaction with it. From time to time the Australian Geographer publishes collections of shorter papers as symposia on particular topics. Recent examples include: Gendered geographies (November 1998) Sustainable rural systems (November 1995) Australia and international environment agreements (May 1995) Industry, employment and regions: geographical perspective on Working Nation (November 1994) Geographers and heritage (May 1993).

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