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Australian Feminist Studies

Publisher: Taylor and Francis Group
ISSN: 0816-4649 / 1465-3303


Australian Feminist Studies was launched in the (southern) summer of 1985 by the Research Centre for Womens Studies at the University of Adelaide and during the subsequent decade has established itself as a leading Australian journal in feminist research and teaching. As an international, peer reviewed journal, Australian Feminist Studies publishes academic articles from throughout the world which contribute to current developments in the new and burgeoning fields of Womens Studies and feminist research. This includes feminist scholarship and critique based within mainstream academic disciplines, and research and discussion that transcends the conventional boundaries between academic disciplines or fields such as cultural studies. We also aim to encourage discussion of interactions between feminist theory and practice; consideration of government and trade union policies that concern women; comment on changes in educational curricula relevant to Womens Studies; sharing of innovative course outlines, reading lists and teaching/learning strategies; reports on local, national and international conferences; reviews, critiques, enthusiasm and correspondence. The title proudly proclaims the commitment to feminist work. The editorial practice has always included recognition of differences and diversity among feminisms, and hence within feminist scholarship. .

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